The Medox® story goes as far back as to the early 80s. A research team to investigate chemical structures and potential biological effects of Flavonoids was established at the University of Bergen in Norway. After several years of intensive research, scientists had mapped out the main chemical structures and main sub groups of about 4000 Flavonoids.

One Flavonoid sub group, called Anthocyanins, proved to be significantly more biologic potential than most of the others. Extensive research effort was placed into mapping out the members of these interesting chemical structures. The anthocyanins is different from most other structures, having a plus loading on the C-ring of the molecule.

In 1998 the scientists in Bergen contacted Sjur Svaboe at Hanabryggene Technologycentre becuase they new that he was into biotech start ups. Sjur Svaboe and and his group went into a JV with the scientists from the University in Bergen and established the company Polyphenols AS in 1998. The first task of the research group in Polyphenols was to establish a standard for extracting and supplying pure, single molecules to a professional market all over the world.

In parallel with the R&D work in Polyphenols, a research project was established to develop a nutrition supplement. A new company was established to handle the project. The company was called Medpalett AS and the product was called Medox®.

The scientists in Biolink Group, had early become aware of the fact that some anthocyanin molecules were much more biologic active than most of the other ones. Two of these molecules, carrying a so called “ortodihydroxyphenyl” structure on the B-ring of the molecule, became of special interest.

In order to start "large scale" production of Medox®, bilberries and blackcurrant was selected as raw material. These berries carries a large amount of anthocyanins and specifically large amouts of the interesting ones. 

The research group developed a unique processing technology for isolation of the anthocyanins from the raw material. The production facillity grew steadily and Medox became a great success in Norway. By 2010 more than 1 million boxes of Medox was delivered to Norwegian customers. 

In 2016, Medox was aquired by the German company Evonik. The aquicition was a success and Evonik is still producing the product at Hanabryggene Teknologycentre in Norway.